Let’s Drive the Alps


This trip is for true Petrolheads of all kind, whether you are into the vintage classic or a modern super car, whether you are female or male, young or mature, all you need is enthusiasm and a certain drive, sharing the same passion as we do.

It’s surely not for the weak as we aim for this trip to be focused on driving, but at the same time it’s all about you and your car, your story and the story of everyone else following this passion. We want to create a symbiosis of classic & modern, of the car & it’s owner, of the environment and us as a traveler, of oldschool planning with some modern touches, special and standard – let’s create something new, a new relaxed atmosphere truly driven by passion.

This whole trip is truly focused on passion and the love for cars and the many facets it brings along. Therefore we are planning  once again a few “special stops” where we would love to show you some of this passion and dedication in the industry, whether in a modern or classic car world. The centre of this road trip however will be you! We are setting the focus on YOUR story and therefore create a perfect atmosphere far all these “BENZINGESPRÄCHE” we are craving for.    

We would love to welcome you our Volume II of Let’s Drive the Alps – a trip across the alps, which will for sure be unforgettable, just like our trip in June 2019. The focus will be set on YOU and the automotive world. We will give you exclusive insights into the modern and classic car world, show some behind the scenes actions and portrait some of the incredible work being conducted within the automotive industry.

We have started to create a new community, enter a world of modern & old and be the starting point of many “Benzingespräche” along the way.

Past Trip – June 2019

The Alpinisti Tour “Let’s Drive the Alps” 2019 took us from Stuttgart via our first Special Stop at Landy Point to Vierwaldstättersee for lunch. From there via Klausen- and Gotthardpass to Lago di Lugano. Next morning we visited Kessel Racing, as our second special stop, from there we climbed up the San Bernardino, Splügen and Maloja Pass. Part of the trip were also a stop at St. Moritz, the Bernina Pass and the Sella Ronda in the Dolomites – to name a few. 


Alpinisti #LetsDrivetheAlps is a casual road trip across the alps, aiming for a friendship based get together and is truly focused on the driving pleasure as such. The trip is organized without notions of competition or timekeeping. Each participant is aware that no insurance is provided, and all driving is commenced under the road law of each country we are crossing. Especially in case of problems or medical issues each driver is hold on to help one another and form one community. A non-liability form will have to be signed prior to the road trip. Every participant states that their vehicle is in good operating conditions and that he/she owns a valid driving license. Please note that the host is not responsible for any disregard of traffic regulations by the attendees.

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The number of participants is highly limited and will be acknowledged in the order of registrations received. 

Registration is open until 31th March.

The layout of the trip and stops are subject to change due to unforeseeable matters. However, we are based on open communication and wanting to create one community with everyone being able to share their ideas and input. Therefore, we are promising to share every bit of needed detail with you.

Founding Members

Are you a founding member? Welcome back, we can’t wait to welcome you once again and are securing a spot for you until the 01. February 2020!